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University of Guelph Homophile Association Newsletter (1971, March)

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University of Guelph Homophile Association Newsletter

Publishing History: Issued by University of Guelph Homophile Association (UGHA) in 1971, in March. NOTE: The first version of the University of Guelph Homophile Association (UGHA) was founded on 1971, February 23 (Tuesday), but collapsed later in 1971. The group was revived two years later in the fall of 1973, again as the University of Guelph Homophile Association (UGHA), and has been in continuous existence since then; the current group takes the fall of 1973 as its founding date, not February 23 of 1971. For copyright purposes, we are taking this lone issue of the University of Guelph Homophile Association Newsletter from 1971 as covered under the copyright permission granted by Guelph Queer Equality (GQE) (see below), given that the current group is in some sense a revival of the 1971 group.

Copyright Permission: Copies of individual issues of this Newsletter have been reproduced with the kind permission of its copyright holder, Guelph Queer Equality (GQE). This permission is part of a broad agreement to grant the Grand River Rainbow Historical Society copyright permission to reproduce publications of Guelph Queer Equality under its current and prior names back to its inception in 1973 (University of Guelph Homophile AssociationGuelph Gay EqualityGuelph Gay & Lesbian EqualityGuelph Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual EqualityGuelph Queer Equality). No further reproduction is permitted.

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Physical Description
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Digital Copy
1971, March = Newsletter 1
We have assigned the year 1971 to this publication, based on arguments given in the fourth column of this row. We assign the month March to this publication based on references to Thursday March 18 as being in the past, and Monday March 29 as being in the future. This issue had 2 pages; its format size was 28.0 cm x 21.6 cm (11.0" x 8.5"). Generally we remove blemishes, speckles and images of punched holes from the PDFs that we mount on this website. In this case, however, the problems were so extensive (this was evidently a poor-quality photocopy of the original) that we have left the scanned image completely untouched, so as not to create the impression of a “partially scrubbed” image.
Guelph Queer Equality Collection (loaned for digitization)
CLGA Collection
UGHA Newsletter 1971
PDF file [2.3 Meg.]
Issue not yet analyzed
At the top of the copy in the Guelph Queer Equality Collection is the handwritten note: “MAR. [1974]”. A careful reading of the text, however, makes it clear that this is an error. The text refers to the UGHA having been founded “last February”, and also makes reference to a successful gay-in held at the Campus Pub on Thursday, March 18th. The fact that this “first Gay-In” on that particular date was in 1971 rather than 1974 rests on two pieces of evidence: (1) the reference to this gay-in on p.1 of Gemini, v.I, no.1, 1971, June, and (2) the fact that March 18 occurred on a Monday in 1974, but on a Thursday in 1971.